Why Dance?
Why Dance? - the book!

Traditional country dancing for the 21st century!

'I find that now I am teaching creative dance in a Primary school which does a lot of traditional dance, I definitely reap the advantage. The children who have been taught all the trad. moves from an early age easily transpose the motifs; circles, stars, arching etc., into their creative dance. I believe this has been found too in a recent successful West Kent initiative. 'Why Dance?' is the resource pack that I use. It's great, a real asset !!'
- J. Jones, Bushey, Herts.
Natasha Gawlinski, Wider-Opportunities Music Teacher with East Sussex Music Service, says -

I truly believe, after teaching music for 10 years, that the best musical start in life is through dance and movement. The children who have experience of this have an internalized sense of pulse and beat. They are able to adapt to playing at different tempos, taking turns with others, they play more sensitively to those around them and enjoy a sense of ensemble when performing in bands. Of course not all children get this opportunity; for this reason, I think dance clubs in schools are essential, not only to feed into the curriculum but also to encourage a sense of community and fun.
For this reason I believe 'Why Dance?' is a great resource for primary schools
Watch the King Offa School dance club
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Amelia's Birthday | Boston Tea Party | Horse's Brawl | King Offa's Delight

Why Dance? is a comprehensive book about traditional country dancing.
Facts about the origins of the music and dances, fitting the dance to the music, dancing with adults and children and suggestions for arranging a 'barn dance' are all included.
With over 60 dance notations and diagrams at differentiated levels, even the complete beginner can become an expert "Caller" and feel confident to lead a dance club or group
Buy this invaluable resource to find out what Sussex has been enjoying and judge for yourself

Two discs' worth of dancing!

Two CDs' worth of dance music!

Included with the book are two zesty CDs courtesy of ace country dance band 'The Catsfield Steamers' with 16 exciting dance-length tracks. Click on either track below and try to stay in your seat! Track 1 is 'Terribus', Track 2 is 'The Kite'

Now available at a cost of only £28.00

' … dance has a great deal to offer people young and old irrespective of ability or background and can play an important role in the development of physical wellbeing and creativity of young people'
www.culture.gov.uk (2008)

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