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Thoroughly enjoyable resource pack! My only criticism is that there's no calling of moves in the music, which means a Leader (usually me!) has to sit out during the dancing and help the Brownies remember what comes next ... maybe it's a ploy on their part so I don't get to have all the fun they're having?'
Lisa Elvey, Taunton

... it's the first time I've ever enjoyed teaching dance ... the book's not written in code ... all the children have a great time and it seems to lift their mood and enthusiasm towards everything for the rest of the day
Carolyn Bourner, Year 2 teacher, Silverdale School, Hastings

"Why Dance?" is fantastic, so easy to understand and follow. I was supposed to be teaching football one afternoon to my year 5 class, but just as the children had got changed it started to pour down with rain. I grabbed "Why Dance?" and we had a fantastic afternoon dancing. The children loved it so much, and they were getting so many P.E. skills from it that I decided to continue with dance for the rest of the half term. I even left it for a supply teacher one afternoon who also said how easy it was to use, and how enjoyable her afternoon had been!
"Why Dance?" is a fantastic resource that my year five children certainly enjoyed and learnt a lot from.
Frances Becker, Hollyfield Primary School, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

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I have used Why Dance? to run a five week after school club with 24 Year 3 and 4 children. They’ve loved it. We spent four weeks learning some dances, then held a dance and invited the parents in to have a go too, on the last session. Laid on some nibbles, had great fun.
Ran it again in Term One with mostly Year 2 children, so successful that other parents have asked me to run another club for Year 1s. One week Netball was rained off and I was landed with some very cynical Year 5 & 6 girls, they started off watching the group of dancers but very soon were joining in, especially enjoying The Circassian Circle, leaping in the air!
A parent of a child who has serious needs and finds it very hard to focus asked if he could join in. We said as long as he enjoyed it and didn’t wander! Well, he loved it, and lasted through all the sessions, non-stop dancing. We used The Flying Scotsman, Patacake Polka, The Gay Gordons and The Oxo Reel which was a firm favourite with him.
Why Dance? has been very successful indeed, and so easy to use. Seriously, every school should have one!
HELEN JONES, teacher, Blacklands County Primary School, Hastings East Sussex TN34 2HU

'Why Dance?' is just what I need for our local Primary Care Trust working with primary school children to increase levels of activity. I think your pack is going to go down very well.
Sue Robertson, Health Improvement Assistant, Ellesmere Port, Western Cheshire Primary Care Trust

Quotes from teachers workshop for 'Why Dance?' at William Parker Sport College, Hastings -
'This is a wonderful idea, I can do it now!'
'I wish I'd had this pack at the beginning of the year. I can just see how it would have helped my class gel, they've been so ............ !!'

As a caller I found it a wonderful book, just what is needed
Patricia Smith, caller, Rhondda, South Wales

It's a truly wonderful resource, so well written and the children LOVE the music, and we're having such fun with Why Dance? Truly, it should be in every school in the country -
Helen Jones, teacher, Blacklands Primary School, Hastings, Sussex

That's JUST what we need Jane, music and dances, great!
Debra Wade, 'Rum-a-Tum Music' (Theatre and Music for Young Children)
Portslade, Sussex

Dr Vicky Feldwick (Researcher; Arts Faculty) says,
'I've bought 'Why Dance?' not only for use at Guides but because it's the perfect 'all-in-one tool kit' to get a dance club started at the University of Winchester

Your book's brilliant, I really, really love it
Jane Petto - Ginger Jug Band, caller

We all really enjoyed the exciting mix of music. The dance notations are so accessible, with clear user-friendly diagrams. The suggested programs were a great way to start, and it's also a wonderful way to exercise (from 'Teach Primary')
The tricky thing for me is the timing, when to start dancing. I made notes in the space provided to remind me of the counts I needed to call, perhaps it’s just me!
Laura Atkinson, KS2 teacher

'Why Dance?' review from 'Teach Primary' (below)

I thought the wide range of tempos (from 71 to 126 b/m by my measurements) on the CDs was particularly useful: we all like dances which go like the clappers, but it's nice occasionally to have something restful, or for those of us who aren't as young as we used to be
David Brown, Caller

It looks like a very valuable resource, especially for leaders of community and school dances
Scott Higgs, Caller

It is a great resource and also great fun! Smiles all round and gave some children who don't excel, a chance to!
Carolyn Weston, Head Teacher, East Sussex

An excellent resource which I have enjoyed trialling. Can I keep it?
Judith Stiles, East Sussex Primary Teacher

A useful and very well presented package with an exciting big band sound
David Brown, Caller, Kent Folk Dance Clubs

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching my class how to country dance and this resource has been invaluable, with a great response from the children
Lauren Atkinson, South Croydon Primary School Teacher

Let me have one of those, we can put on a barn dance for the Drama Group Support
Alison Copeland, Hampshire

In response to our e mail, the Secretary of State for Health, Alan Johnson said,
"The point of dance is you don't have to be a professional, you don't have to be brilliant on your feet, but it gets you moving and that is what all of us need"

Good work! It's always exciting to see people creating materials that can help launch or invigorate local dances
Scott Higgs, Caller

A really well written book and a great selection of dances with clear explanations
Pip Ives, Newcastle University Folk Music Degree Student

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