Shirley Collins MBE

by Shirley Collins MBE, President, EFDSS

There was a time, as far back as the sixteenth century, when we were known throughout Europe as ‘The Dancing English’. This excellent book will, I hope, help towards restoring that reputation!

Apart from the sheer pleasure of social dancing, the benefits are many. Everyone can join in; you don’t need to be an expert, as the caller is there to talk you through the dance. Since country dancing is done in sets or circles, it’s a social activity, a gathering of people that can embrace all age groups, and brings with it a sense of togetherness that, to my mind, we sorely need nowadays. It’s also a healthy and entertaining way to exercise; older people can dance - perhaps more sedately than they once did, youngsters can learn co-ordination while letting off steam, and everyone can relish the simple delight, the good nature and the sweet innocence of a country dance.

Why Dance? comes complete with CDs of great dance-length tunes played by one of the very best bands - The Catsfield Steamers - music that will have you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.
So the main question is not – WHY DANCE? but WHY NOT?

Shirley Collins
Lewes ~ December 2008

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