The music and the band

The Amazing Catsfield Steamers Dance Band have recorded the exciting CDs accompanying Why Dance? specifically for the purpose of providing dance length tracks to complement the dance notations.
The band travel far and wide but their main focus is around village halls, barns, school halls and marquees in East Sussex, where they enjoy raising plenty of dust on a Saturday night. Dances with vim and music with vigour, that's their speciality. The band play with flair, distinction, experience but above all, they have FUN!

Track List - CD One
Whitehaven Volunteers / Harvey’s Hornpipe* (English Polkas) | Lillibulero / Picking of Sticks (Irish Jigs) | La Fleur de Bruyer (French Jig) | Mona’s Delight / Scholar’s Reel (Schottisches) | Polkas de l’Avayron (French Polkas) | The New Rigged Ship / The Duke of Atholl’s Reel (Scottish Jigs) | Fanny Power / Planxty Irwin (Irish Waltzes) | The Kite** / The Jewish Tune

Track List - CD Two
The Braes of Tollymet / Harry Cox's Schottische (Schottisches) | La Ronde de la Millereine (French Jig) / Title unknown | News of the Victory / Woodland Flowers (English Jigs) | The Horses Brawl (French Branle) | The New Victory / Down The Road (English Polkas) | The Sweets Of May / Dingles Regatta (Irish Jigs) | Terribus / The 42nd Highlanders’ Farewell to Gibraltar (Scottish Marches)
Bonus Track - Worcestershire Hornpipe (English)

All tunes traditional, arranged The Catsfield Steamers except -
*1/1(b) Written by Jim Harding of Eastbourne
**1/8(a) Written by Keith Leech of Hastings

The CDs accompanying the book may be used in public performance but they may not be copied, hired or lent

Look at them go!

The Catsfield Steamers