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'Why Dance?' is set well within curriculum frameworks, as our handbook explains;
• the learning, appliance and improvement of skills,
• a knowledge and understanding of fitness and health,
• experiencing and performing dances from other times, places and cultural contexts,
... these are the aims of 'Why Dance?' used as a curriculum tool.
Do read teacher Helen Jones' 'Star Letter' on this website and consider how many other teaching and learning elements are there encapsulated, not least classroom and school enhancing relationships and cooperative skills.
We would claim that within 'Understanding the arts' and 'Understanding physical development, health and wellbeing', part of the New Curriculum to become statutory in 2011, our 'Why Dance?' pack continues to be a valuable resource. We directly respond to a statement made in the latter document;
'To enjoy healthy, active and fulfilling lives, children must learn to respond positively to challenges ... and develop their self-confidence and physical capabilities. Such learning lays the foundation for long-term wellbeing and contributes to children’s mental, social, emotional ... and physical development'

Why Dance? ... why not?

Why not start a ceilidh (kay-lee) club or use traditional dance as part of your PE curriculum? Ceilidh dancing is cool, energetic fun, easy to teach and a brilliant way to tone up your kids for ALL their sporting activities. It is accessible to all. No worries about 'lack of co-ordination', AND children adore the zesty, stomping, vibrant music on out 2 CDs, played with enormous style by the CATSFIELD STEAMERS (

Written, trialled and tested by teachers, this user-friendly A4 spiral bound book is stuffed with good-practice help and three levels of dance notations ... 'boring barn dancing' it is NOT!

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An essential resource if your school is pursuing ACTIVEMARK or ARTSMARK.
Why Dance? includes music, dances and best-practice advice, giving you the confidence to put on your own fundraising bamdances. We dare you!!

From Year 2 onwards ... CEILIDH DANCING, it's the way to go!

Look at them go!

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